Sacramento Sleep Consultant

If your child is:

    * Struggling to sleep through the night *
    * Having difficulty falling asleep at bedtime *
    * Only able to sleep in your bed *
    * Waking often during the night *
    * Not napping well during the day *

    … or has any other common sleep challenges,
    you qualify to receive a
    FREE 15-minute sleep consultation!

    Is your newborn, infant, baby, or toddler struggling to sleep well for naps and at night?
    Are you tired beyond words to get some rest while also feeling like a failure
    because you can't help your child get the rest they need?

    Hello! My name is Charleen McDaniel, and I understand!
    As a mother and a Certified Sleep Sense ™ Consultant, I've been in your shoes!
    I am a certified sleep consultant in Sacramento, CA and the entire U.S.!

    I would love to help you get started on a sleep plan
    that will help your baby and the rest of your family get the sleep
    you all want and need.

    Please text “Sleep Help” to (916) 605-6198.
    I’ll text you back to set up a time that works for both of us!

    Just Text "Sleep Help" to (916) 605-6198!